December 21, 2005

Strike Update

So with the strike going on and the MAJOR traffic hitting the TWU's blogspot blog, its been rather funny reading some of the comments on the site. Multiple sites have picked up on them so I won't rehash them...There are like 300 or so comments, most of them inflammatory and many others that are just dumb like "you smell like kim chee, go back to work you lazy wet back bastards...etc"...

One of y favorites:
You guys really have a lot of balls. All you do is drive around in circles. Your job isn't hard at all.

It really doesn't surprise me that they are on strike though...When you add together the ineptitude of the MTA (disclosing that they have a mountain of cash surplus right BEFORE the negotiations) and a Haitian dude with a French last name leading the union, it simply isn't a shock. Come on, what do you really expect?!? With a last name like "Toussant" its really no wonder that the lazy bastard wants to strike...Even though Haiti hasn't been a French colony for ages now, the lazy-ass French mentality certainly has fully ingrained itself into the TWU's brilliant leader!

One of my favorites from today:

It's dem hard workin' SOBs napping on the job. WTF!

Somehow I just wish the MTA would just do a Wal-Mart on these asses and fire them all and bring in private workers. I'd be willing to bet those crazy Chinese Chinatown to Chinatown bus drivers would love a crack at driving a bigger rig like the number 4 train...Yea-hah! Speaking of Chinese dudes, I was down in Chinatown this weekend and this blue collar dude with a big time NY accent marveled "they turned a fuckin' hot dog stand into something amazing. They even have eggrolls and shit!"

So you wanna be 2 Fast 2 Furious huh?

Was pretty hot

Is not so hot

You remember her from The Fast and the Furious...or maybe you don't. Anyway, Michelle Rodriguez, one of the woman stars of that film was recent busted for drunk driving in Hawaii-5-OH - she currently films there for the TV show Lost.

So as if her arrest photos weren't funny enough - because she looks so DAMN hideous, her parting words as she was being hauled off were:

"I don't f--king belong here! Why don't you just put a gun to my head and shoot me! You've already taken my freedom! You might as well take my life too,"

Yeeeaaahhh. She leads a rough life. I have almost as much sympathy for her as the douche bags from the TWU Local 100 that decided to go on strike today. Unions suck. So does M. Rodriguez.

Her parting words remind me of this dumb ass Russian dude I knew back from school. While down at Mardi Gras he slapped a Po-Lice horse on the rear and got arrested for cruelty to animals...and his parting words were "but you can't arrest me, I work for Morgan Stanley!!!" What a tard.

November 23, 2005

These are hot...

These pants are hot. Can't wait to get them from someone this year. Maybe then it will help me dress up as Screech for Halloween next year!

November 03, 2005

Vince Vaughn is charitable

"Where's my baseball...Franks and beans, franks and beans"

So this is what it takes to get a hot Hollywood celeb like Jennifer Aniston...Going out with fat pygmies. Maybe if I took your mom to Krispy Kreme to get a jelly doughnut, Sienna Miller would think I'm rad.

BTW, nice kicks!

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Stuff that's just messed up

1. My brother's cousin - "She's your cousin!!!"

2. My brother's cousin's new boyfriend who has 4 letters total in his name - first & last. 4 letters!!!

3. Mischa Barton - the more I look at her, the weirder she looks. Or maybe its just that fat dude she is standing next to that is messed up.

4. That dumb CEO dude that spent $200K on teets.

5. Tyra Bank's receding hair line

6. Tyra Banks

7. People who don't think Mariah Carey is fat .

8. Kirsten Dunst's flap jack teets.

9. Yeeeaaaahhhh - WTF, who needs to dress up for Halloween when you already look like an ugly dude.

10. Vida Guerra and the half blind people that think this is hot. I REALLY don't get the fascination with her lard ass. Freaken Jared from Subway had an ass this big but you didn't see Maxim and FHM doing any multi page spreads on him. His face isn't even this ugly either. It looks like someone beat Vida's face with a frozen piece of meat or a tire iron.

11. THIS!!!

November 02, 2005

Impressive. Dem some spensive teets

Well, this dude is obviously rich. While he spent over $200k on teets, he only owns up to $20k. Regardless, that's kinda embarrassing...Hell, Richard Gere bought Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for like a week for only $3K. Even though Julia Roberts dresses like a hobo these days, she was hot at one point.

How/Why would this dude pay $20K, let alone $200K for lap dances and flap jacks in your face?!? I guess it makes sense though. If I were this ugly and fat I'd probably pay girls so that I could massage them too.

There can't possibly be any teets that are worth $20k, let alone $200k. I really don't care how many of them you throw at me. They simply can't possibly be worth that much.

"We firmly believe that Mr. McCormick was the victim of fraud," said Deena Williamson, Savvis's deputy general counsel. She declined to comment further.

Fraud. Whatever. Call it what you will. I'll just continue to call it spensive teets!

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October 24, 2005

From old to new

I came across this website just before. Simply awesome! I live in New York City and am rather fascinated by all its history (and lost history) so this website is really amazing to me.

If anyone hasn't already done it, you should scope out all the abandoned subway stations through the windows as you pass by them. Ones to note are the old City Hall station (just after the "last stop" Brooklyn Bridge station), just stay on the 6 train after it gets to Brooklyn Bridge and it loops around, passing the old City Hall station. You don't get to see it for long, but what you do see is simply amazing...a far cry from the industrial stations that are being made/renovated today. Other stations to check out are the old 91st Street station along the 1 Line and the old 18th Street station along the 6 Line. They are totally graffed up and dark, but if you stick your face against the window you can see them.

Courtesy of The Morning News

October 19, 2005

NSFW - These folks are way more creative than me...

Women are awesome, but boog eating women? Come on?!? Who makes this stuff?

I guess the better question though, is where the hell do they cast these girls from. I mean when we look for models for our shoots, we usually call up one of the many modeling agencies that are out there. My question is - where do you go looking for girls that do this stuff? If anyone knows, drop me a line because I am quite curious...

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October 13, 2005

1-800-MATTRESS...Leave off the last "S" for STUPID

So once again our mattress is jacked. I think it might be a pillow top issue. Anyway, we went back to the 1-800-MATTRESS showroom yesterday to find a new mattress and finally rid ourselves of the utterly crappy Simmons Beautyrest POS that we have. So I'm looking at those temperature foam things that seem to be the rage and I see the different brands that they have and since I am retarded I ask the salesperson the difference between the ones in the showroom. He replied that the difference between them is that the Tempurpedic brand is a "higher density foam" than the King Koil one. So I ask him what that means and he replied, quite brilliantly, that "the foam is denser". WTF! Didn't we all learn in like first grade that rearanging the words in the sentence doesn't equal explaining it nor defining it!!! Dumb ass. No wonder he's a mattress salesman.


More Sienna pics

So word is that Sienna Miller cheated on peckerhead Jude Law with this dude named Daniel Craig. I'm not going to begin to pretend that I know who this dude is, but I just saw some photos of him and I just have to wonder, why do celebs manage to have sex with such ugly people? If you're gonna cheat, you might as well do it with someone hot.

First Jude cheats on Sienna, who is uber-hot, and now she turns around and porks this jerk off. Strange.

Sorry I ruined this post with a pic of that Daniel guy. He looks like he took a coupla whacks from the ugly stick and then his mom came back for some more.

EDIT: He kinda looks like DJ Qualls, from Road Trip and Hustle & Flow fame, but that dude is much cooler and funnier. Pic below, you be the judge.

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16 Ain't So Sweet!

So I was watching that MTV series My Super Sweet 16 last night (yes, I know...I'm gay...) and the girl they have on the show was this ugly girl from Staten Island that (yes, people should be 'whos' and not 'thats' but this girl is that damn ugly) thinks that her party is gonna be better than Malcolm Forbes' B-Day bash in Morocco.

Obviously the party wasn't great - after all she is from Staten Island. Obviously the people at the party were hideous...Of course it didn't help that her mom looked like a sluttier, uglier drunk version of herself! The best part of the show though, was 1) when they showed her cousin...The douche looked like a gay terrorist, kinda like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, plucked eyebrows, wife-beater and all and then 2) showed the dancer she hired to escort her to her party...This douche was even worse. He looked like Cap'n Crunch with a fro. WTF, who looks like that?!?

Links to the episode and pics below:
Episode 207


Drunk Mom:

Gay Terrorist Cousin & Cap'n Crunch Dancer:

Cap'n Crunch:

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